Sunday, March 30, 2014

Starting My Journey

I have completed my first book, a contemporary romance entitled Sweet Dreams.

Whew, it's not easy.

I sent out my first batch of Query letters in January. I set up an index of literary agents and publishers to contact.

I have updated my Twitter and Facebook accounts to proactively network with other writers and readers.

Now what?

Now I start blogging.

Now I start my self publishing journey.
This weekend I read two books by Smashwords founder Mark Coker which were extremely informative. You can find them at

Ok, so here is my current To Do List:

Edit, Revise, Edit
Create Cover Art
Get a Professional Head Shot
Obtain Copyright
Upload with Smashwords
Upload with Kindle/Amazon
Upload with Create a Space for print
Set up Marketing Plan
Schedule a Release Date
Schedule Preorders and press release
Release book.

I know there will be more things I add to the list as I work through this process, but this is enough for now. The whole thing is very interesting and very exciting.

Who else out there is going through this experience as well? I would love to exchange ideas.