Monday, April 25, 2016

Romance - One Man's Point of View

Thinking about romance and what is considered romantic, in general, I casually asked my husband, at the dinner table, a few questions. His off the cuff responses were honest, funny, and fairly interesting. Here’s a little excerpt of our conversation. Keep in mind, English is my husband’s fourth language.

Me: “What does romance mean to you?”

Husband: “Love, relaxation, and sexiness.”

Me: “Haha. Okay. Tell me what kind of activities you think are romantic?”

Husband: “Walking on the beach. Watching the sunset. Talking about the future.”

Me: “Interesting. What would you consider a romantic date?”

Husband: “I never had a romantic date.”

Me: “What? Really? That’s not true.”

Husband: “Well, my lady always plans the romantic dates, so…”

Me: “Hmmm. What comes to mind when you think of romance or what have you seen in real life or movies that you thought was romantic?”

Husband: “I like when I see old couples still together. That’s really rare and really special. Also someone surprising their partner on a special day when they weren’t expecting it, like a birthday or anniversary.”

Me: “All right. Anything else come to mind when you think of romance?”

Husband: “Romance comes from ladies. Men are rough, tough, disgusting. It’s all about the love. Without love, there is no romance.”

Me: “I like that. That’s a great sentiment.”

Husband: “I mean, you think it’s romantic when I cook you something nice, right?”

Me: “Right.”

Husband: “But you don’t think it’s romantic when I try to give you a lap dance.”

Me: Bwahahahaha!!!

And we ended the conversation on that note. A lot of his statements were the cliché versions of what romance is to most, which makes me think men aren’t that different than women. I liked hearing he enjoys talking about the future. He also thinks romance is the woman’s responsibility, which was surprising. But, he’s romantic. He just doesn’t know it. Especially when he’s not trying.
Not trying = my husband cooking a beautiful dinner, ready when I come home from work.
Trying = my husband giving me a strip tease/lap dance that’s more funny than romantic.
But that’s us.

Ladies, reading this post, I challenge you to ask the man in your life what he considers romantic and comment with their response below.

Men, reading this post, comment and tell me what you think is romantic.

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