Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Tolerance-Hot Topic

Ok, so I am a blogger that normally keeps my hot topics limited to romance writing. I am a newly published romance writer, but there is more to me than just romance.

The below statements are my own.

I consider myself an open minded, liberal democrat. I was raised Catholic and became Protestant as an adult. I married a Muslim man and we raise our children in both faiths. Now I should mention that I don't attend church regularly, in fact, I can't remember the last time I went, but I pray on a daily basis. My husband and I have never once had an issue over the differences in our religious or spiritual beliefs. An example of this would be how we recently celebrated the Ramadan holiday, a holy month for Muslims, in which they take time to fast during daylight hours. Ramadan is also a time to show charity for those in need, practice prayer and come together with family and friends in the evenings to break the fast each day. This has been my experience as the wife of a Muslim man.

This year my husband celebrated Ramadan by fasting and all of the above. I did not fast, but enjoyed the evenings when meals were shared. Our daughter, who has fasted every Ramadan since she was 8 years old and is now 21, did not fast this year, by her choice, which we respect. Our son, who is 10, fasted for the first time this year, only fasting 1/2 day each day, since the hours between sunrise and sunset are so long in the summer.

And you know what? It was all good. We celebrate all our holidays this way, getting double the holidays if you will, Easter, Eid, Christmas, Ramadan, etc. I think we have the bests of both worlds.

Now as far as world beliefs go, I am by far, no expert in any respect, but from where I sit, this is how I see it. Keep in mind that many of the below have several different sects, like Catholics and Protestants or Sunni and Shi'ite, you get the picture.

There are Christians, Jews, Muslims, Buddhists, Hindus, Sikhs, Atheists, Agnostics. Those who practice Wicca, Eastern Folk Religions, Tribal Religions, Spiritism, Spiritualism, Philosophy, cults and so on.

And there are others that don't identify with any of the above or something else entirely.

I believe in Free Will. Whether you are religious or not, the human race has Free Will.

Free Will, I think everyone can agree on, although there are always exceptions.
What is my point?

I'm getting there.

For argument sake, if everyone on earth believes the human race has Free Will, then why oh why isn't there more tolerance for the diversity of our beliefs?

You believe something that I don't. That is just fine with me. You have Free Will to believe what you want.

Now, for the point.

I don't understand, as the human race, why anyone would or could justify killing another human being because of a difference of beliefs. This has been going on since the beginning of time, I know, I get it's nothing new. But I don't understand it. I don't understand why, if you believe in Free Will, you would ever try to impose your will over another. For me, there is no reason for the violence we see in the world today.

If I can share my home and respect and love someone that was raised with a different belief structure than my own, why can't nations that boarder each other do the same. Why can't people living within a nation or the same city, of different beliefs, all show some tolerance for their fellow human beings.
You don't have to agree on a belief or how to practice it. Let them do their thing, and you do yours.

Why is that such a difficult concept?

Why are children becoming the casualties of war, waged by adults who don't value the gift that is human life?

Life is short. Life is a gift. We are lucky to be alive.

Why aren't people that have degrees and are smarter than me, figuring this whole thing out and saying enough already?

Why is it only in a zombie apocalypse or alien invasion movie that we see people finally putting aside their differences and coming together as human beings to help each other?


I am a citizen of the US and my belief has always been this is a county that was founded for religious freedom, freedom of speech, freedom to basically live your life and practice your faith as long as you are not causing harm to others.

I truly believe that any faith or philosophy or belief or lack thereof is personal. It is between you and God, or the universe or the earth or whatever, but it is your right, your human right, because of Free Will, to decide what that is for yourself.

As the human race, we have enough things to worry about without trying to impose our belief structures on others.

We have places in the world where human beings still live without clean water or food. We have places on earth where slavery of children and women still exists. We have people struggling to find a peaceful place to worship. We have people struggling to put food on the table or provide shelter for their family. There are so many people who don't have access to medicines. Families of all kinds struggling to get by on a limited income.  People looking for work. Parents trying to provide education to their children. Children, who don't have parents.

Why are we not helping our fellow human beings instead of killing each other over who has the "right" beliefs?

Is it all about power? What good is power if there aren't any people to exude that power over because everyone is dead?

Is it land? What good is land if having all the land means destroying the earth and humanity in the process?

Why oh why aren't the geniuses of the world having a conference and figuring all this out? If they are, why isn't anyone listening?

I mean, we learn how to resolve conflict without violence as children. The first time we hit another child we are told to use our words instead of our fists.

People in power, use your words!

Please use your words.

Words are powerful, they can do great things.

We share this planet and we are intelligent beings.

We are all human.


Leave a comment if you like.

Thanks for reading.

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