Monday, November 24, 2014

Moving Hell

Moving is always horrible. Last time I moved, the moving truck got stuck on the driveway up into my apt complex and had to be pushed by a tow truck. The clutch on the tow truck fell out of the tow truck 1/2 a block from us, and we had to wait for it to be fixed before he could help us. The moving truck finally got to the top of the hill and the breaks went out. Okay, fine. We unloaded, waited three days for the truck company to take the truck away and give us a replacement so we could move the rest of our stuff. I broke a tooth deflating my son's water wings and it was Ramadan-so my family, my husband's friends who were helping us, were all fasting.

Yeah, I'm chuckling to myself as I remember how bad it was, I had five days (three confiscated by a broken moving truck) to move and it was awful.

I'm moving again, four years later. I gave myself three weeks to move, slowly packing up stuff and taking a few boxes to the new house everyday. 

It's still horrible.

You know that episode of Friends, when they are moving the sofa that is too large for the hallway..."Pivot! Pivot!" Yeah that one. Funny on TV, not so much in real life. Not when you are trying to move a solid oak table (which was my grandfather's, so no way am I giving that up) and its matching credenza which each weigh a ton, up a narrow flight of stairs with a sharp turn. 

We did get all the heavy furniture moved, but the small stuff, oh my God. That is what takes forever. There is stuff everywhere, and we still need to make a few more trips.

Of course as a writer, the first thing I moved were all my books and my book shelf. Here is a tip: Use your luggage with wheels to move books. It's easier to handle books on wheels than in boxes.

Every muscle in my body is sore. As I type this now, my fingers ache. 

It's easy when you're young. All you have is a bed, your clothes and a TV. Not when you're an adult with two kids. So much stuff accumulates. 

This Thanksgiving, I'll be thankful that we are finally done and in a brand new house. (We better be done by then.)

God help me, I am never moving again.

Do you have a funny moving story?

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