Monday, January 26, 2015

Romance-What are you thinking?

What goes through the mind of a romance writer? I can't speak for all romance writers, but here's a glimpse into how I find ideas.

Have you ever had that dream? You know, the one you desperately try to go back to sleep to finish because it was that good. Yeah, that dream.

Do you wonder what the story is behind a couple holding hands in front of you in line at the local coffee shop?

Or how about a daydream that wanders through your mind when watching that actor strut his stuff on the big screen?

Well, those are all potential books for me. Now I know to write those little gems down whenever I get the chance.

Until we are capable of lucid dreaming, I will be taking those daydreams and letting them play out on paper to see where they go. They may end up a pile of notes that never become anything, or they could end up becoming a best seller.

Imagination is a splendid thing. Not to be wasted, but to be cultivated.

I'll let you in on a little first novel, Sweet Dreams, was based on two reoccurring dreams. Yep, I used my dreams to spark the idea for the book and let my mind wander until the plot took shape. The whole story didn't present itself in the dream and the actual book does vary greatly from the dreams, but I took those images and built on them. I guided my thoughts to see where those images would take me. And it worked.

So now as I walk the farmer's market on Fridays or think about that photo I saw on Pinterest, I let the ideas run wild. And when a good one comes along, I write it down.

Have you ever had a dream you couldn't forget? Have you ever thought about turning it into a story?

Jennifer Senhaji
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  1. Great ideas, Jennifer. I keep a notebook on the nightstand to record ideas from dreams before I forget them. I believe the key to any romance novel is building a strong relationship between characters. There has to be conflict and tension or the love story doesn't work.
    I may try it myself one day! :-)

  2. I do think I need to start keeping a notebook on my nightstand as well. I love writing the tension, feeling the chemistry build between the characters. Thanks for reading.