Monday, May 5, 2014

Formatting, Frustration and Hugs

Formatting and frustration and frustration...

Anyone who has had to convert a manuscript to acceptable ebook format knows what I am talking about.

If you haven't had the pleasure yet here are a few tips to hopefully save you some time when you do.

1. Never do anything without making a back up of your manuscript!

2. Activate Show/Hide feature in Word to reveal hidden formatting.

3. Never use tab or space bar to indent paragraphs. Always format paragraph with a .3" or .5" first line indent for fiction. There are other options for non-fiction without indents, but do not use the tab or space bar.

4. In Microsoft Word turn off Autocorrect and Autoformat and start with Normal Style modifying your Headers separately including a Page Break Before setting in your Heading format.

5. Remove page Headers and Footers along with page numbers.

I have taken notes and read Smashwords Style Guide by Mark Coker founder of Smashwords which is a Free Book designed to help you through the process. It has the information you will need to make the process easier. You can find it and download it at

What is funny is that in the Smashwords Style Guide, Mark tells us Step 6 is to Hug a Loved One. I love the way he writes, always talking to the reader, not at the reader, but this made me laugh.

If my computer and my hair survive the process I will let you know if there are any other tips.

For now hugs, I need hugs.

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