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Exclusive Author Interview with the Characters of Sweet Dreams, a Contemporary Romance

Ok guys, some of you have been wondering what my debut novel Sweet Dreams, releasing
July 7, 2014 is about. You can check out the synopsis on my website at but if you are looking for more, I am pleased to announce I have decided to host an interview with the two main characters below.

Oh look who just arrived...

Me: "Jenna, it is great to see you again." Leans in for a hug.

Jenna: "It's great to be here. Thank you so much for creating me."

Me: "My pleasure. Have a seat and let's get started. Oh watch out for the.. are you ok Jenna?" What could she have possible tripped over?

Jenna: "Yeah sorry, I tend to be a little clumsy." Blushes.

Me: "I totally understand. So tell me a little bit about yourself."

Jenna: "Well, I am 29yrs old, when the story begins anyway, and I own and operate Sweet Dreams Café in downtown Maple Grove, Ca."

Me: "Ok, where is Maple Grove and what do you love about it?"

Jenna: "Well it is about 3 hours north of San Francisco, but Jennifer, you should know, you made up the town. It is a fictional place after all. Did you base it on anywhere in particular?"

Me: "Uh, yes actually I did, but for now I will ask the questions, if that is ok?"

Jenna: "Sure no problem. Actually one of my favorite things about the town are the trees. I am originally from San Francisco, as you know, and even though the San Francisco is beautiful, I always longed for a place with warm weather and lots of trees. I also love that everyone seems to know one another. Not in your business or anything, but they say good morning when they pass you on the street and watch out for each other. I really like that."

Me: "Wonderful. That is what I was going for. So I understand you had a celebrity in the café recently."

Jenna: "Um, yes, Jake. I mean Jacob Walker has been coming in early for coffee, but I thought no one knew?"

Me: "Well I have my sources. So what is he like?"

Jenna: "Well, he is kind of quiet, definitely likes to ask a lot of questions, likes to sneak up on me. Oh yeah and he has a sweet tooth." Smiles and blushes while looking dreamily off into the distance.

Me: "So are you friends?"

Jenna: "Yeah I guess so, but he is only here to film his current movie and when that is over, well..."

Me: "Well, are you going to keep in touch?"

Jenna: "I am sure he is a busy guy and has lots of friends, besides I am pretty busy myself."

Me: "Let's ask Jake..."

Jenna: "What? Is he here?"

In walks Jacob Walker, A-list actor and recently named sexiest man alive. Wow, I need a fan.

Me: "Jacob, welcome, thanks for joining us."

Jacob: "Thank you Jennifer. Hey Jenna, long time no see."

Jenna's face lights up when he sits down and Jake is flashing his megawatt smile right back at her. There is some serious chemistry between these two.

Me: "So Jacob, what is your favorite thing about Sweet Dreams?"

Jacob: "My favorite thing is going to the café in the morning before anyone else is there. It is a great place for coffee, and the pastries are so good. Jenna always has some great music playing, especially on Monday mornings." Winks at Jenna.

Me: Clears throat. "So I hear you have made a friend while in town?"

 Jacob: "Oh yeah, Jenna is the best."

Me: "Well, what happens when filming finishes, are you ready to give up your mornings at Sweet Dreams Café?"

Jacob: Looking down at his shoes. "No."

Me: "Care to elaborate?"

Jacob: Looks over at Jenna then quickly back down to the floor. "No."

Me: Ok, maybe a more direct approach is in order..."Jacob do you see your friendship with Jenna possibly turning into something more?"

Jacob: "I don't really like to discuss my private life Jennifer, you know that."

Me: "Jenna, do you see your friendship with Jacob possibly turning into something more?"

Jenna: "Um, I am not opposed to it."

Jacob: Head pops up and looks over at Jenna with a killer smile.

Whoa, that smile could knock me over if I was standing up and it is not even directed at me.

Jenna: "Jennifer why are you blushing?"

Me: "Huh, oh I a...just thought of something embarrassing that happens to you later in the story."

Jenna: "Shouldn't I be blushing then?"

Me: Silence as I try to gather my thoughts and get this interview back on track.

Me: "Jenna, does the entire book take place in Maple Grove?"

Jenna: "I will say a pivotal part of the plot happens while I'm vacationing in Italy."

Me: "I love Italy, I went for my 21st birthday and always wanted to go back."

Jenna: "You should. I especially enjoyed Amalfi."

Jacob: A sly smile appears on his face.

Jenna: "I will say no more for now though. If you want to find out you will need to buy the book."

Me: "Sounds good. Let's hope lots and lots of people buy and enjoy the book."

Jacob: "Hey I have to get back to work, but maybe we can do this again sometime. Jenna, can I walk you back to the café?"

Jenna: "Sure Jake let's go. See ya around Jennifer."

Jacob: "See ya around and thank you for everything."

Me: "Wait, don't I get a hug?"

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