Monday, April 13, 2015

A Summer Affair

Instead of working on my blog on Sunday, I was with the family, walking the Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk. The same boardwalk where Lost Boys was filmed, and where the fifth oldest roller coaster, The Giant Dipper, is located. Yes, I rode it and survived.

A beautiful 80F all day. The ocean to our right, waves crash against the sand as small children build sand castles and parents wrestle the seagulls for their snacks. To our left, carnival games people rarely win, more fried goodies and funnel cake than you can eat, and rides that will make you laugh, and make some cry.

I had a great time. My kids rode the attractions while I laughed from the shade with my husband and mother-in-law. Teenage boys and girls ran from ride to ride in their shorts and bikini tops. Plenty of grown ups, who should've been wearing a lot more clothing, also packed the sun baked wooden planks. It's the beginning of summer in Northern California.

How many times, as a teenager, did I stand in line, my shoulders crisping in the sun? My friends and I'd giggle at the cute boys as they strutted by, pretending they didn't see us. They were too cool to notice us, as we sucked down our lemon slushy drinks.

I admit, I was feeling a bit nostalgic. My ride on the roller coaster built in 1924 brought out my inner dare devil, and I was very tempted to buy a wrist band of my own. Instead, I left with just the one ride under my belt and two happy kids, that are growing up so fast, I worry soon they'll have better things to do than go ride the roller coasters at the beach.

If they only knew how sometimes we all wish, even if you had a not-so-nice childhood, we could go back to more innocent times. When flirting had a whole other meaning. When spending the day with friends at the beach or the amusement park, was the highlight of the summer.

Why not go back. We may begetting older, but we're not dead yet. One day this summer, take a trip to your local amusement park or water park with your partner or friend, and spend the day, without the kids. Have fun. Channel your inner child. Flirt. Eat the funnel cake. Get your blood pumping. Have a little summer romance at the beach.

Have you ever spent a date, as an adult, at an amusement park? Were you brave enough to go on any rides? Did you date chicken out? Tell me your funny amusement park stories.

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