Monday, April 20, 2015

Don't Rush-Publish Your Best

A lot of writers, myself included, work on a deadline. Some of them self-imposed, others imposed for projects they have signed up for, and still others, part of a contract from a publisher.

The beauty of being a self-published author is controlling your own deadlines. I have control of my own career. And now that I'm starting to grasp that, I know that it's important to put out the best work possible.

That being said, I recently pulled out of a project because of this exact reason. I was excited to participate in it. I would be publishing with my friends, as I have before. But my work is not ready.

The assignment was a short story. It has now become an epic saga, at least, in my mind. It's a paranormal suspense series. I've come up with such an extensive storyline, that I've decided to turn it into a series.

I could use the project to feature a short novella and kickoff the series, which is what I was considering for quite a while.

Here's the thing; since I know this is a project, that will contain historical aspects, paranormal aspects, and characters that will reappear over several books, I need to get this shit right from the get go. Blunt, but there it is.

I need to build my world and outline it. My timeline needs to be complete so I can see the tie in for each book, especially since the series will have several overreaching arcs. My characters need to be fully developed. With paranormal aspects, I need to decide what characteristics, strengths, and weaknesses my creatures posses. With historical aspects, I need to do research. A lot of research.

I want this project of mine to be fabulous. Not half-assed. So it was time to put on the brakes.

Do I want to publish books as fast as I can? Yes. But that doesn't mean I should. I want quality. Quantity will come.

As a reader, I hate having to wait for the next installment of a really good book, and have stopped reading a series, while I wait for the next one. Why would I expect my readers to be any different.

Nope. I will be taking my time. Getting it right. I want to readers to clamor for the next book in the series, and I want it to be available. So I will not rush. I will publish my best.

What are your thoughts as a reader about waiting for the next book in a series to be released? How long do you wait? What is the ideal timeframe between releases in your opinion?

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